Shigehiko Kanaya

The microarray analysis system TREBAX is a computer system that makes possible the analysis and evaluation of genetic expression profiles, molecular biological function and effective assignment of corresponding DNA nucleotides by mainly manipulating data derived from spot type array methods (cDNA Micro array methods). Moreover, TREBAX can also be applied to the analysis of any type of data other than cDNA micro array data by only modifying the respective input format. Concretely, using TREBAX it is possible
  1. To reduce deviation errors in expression data as well as the evaluation of the quality of this type of data.
  2. The integrated analysis of genome information from expression profiles and annotation information.
  3. The search for significantly expressed genes possessing reproducibility in multiple micro array data obtained under the same experimental conditions.
  4. The search for genes possessing similar expression profiles over multiple micro arrays.
  5. The comparison between two or more micro array experiments
  6. The visualization of changes in gene expression amounts throughout the genome.
  7. TREBAX also possesses WEB search functions, search analysis tools, etc.

Kobayashi H, Akitomi J, Fujii N, Kobayashi K, Amin MA, Kurokawa K, Ogasawara N, Kanaya S.
The entire organization of transcription units on the Bacillus subtilis genome.    BMC Genomics.   (2007)  8(1):197

To facilitate the processing of TREBAX results using other data analysis software, TREBAX results are output in text format.
This software and its instruction manual is freely available at the present site. Java j2sdk-1.4.2. is required to be installed in the user's computer to use this software.

Software download: TREBAX2.tar.gz
Instraction Manual(Japanese): TREBAXInstruction(Japanese).pdf
Instraction Manual(English): TREBAXInstruction(English).pdf

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