The Kingdom of Thailand

INPUT DATA : Morinda citrifolia

Number of matched data : 3 / Number of edible data : 1 / Number of medicinal data : 2
Species NamePurposeReference
Morinda citrifolia
edibleH. V. Kuhnlein, B. Erasmus, D. Spigelski, Indigenous peoples' food system, (2009) ISBN978-92-5-106071-1
Morton,Economic Botany,46,(1991),241
Thai common and scientific name of vegetables, Maejo University
Morinda citrifolia
medicinalMedicinal Plants of the World by Ivan A.Ross,Vol.2,ISBN 0-89603-877-7.
Morinda citrifolia Linn.
medicinalHerb Encyclopedia of Thai, ISBN 974-277-385-8