Republic of India

INPUT DATA : Daucus carota

Number of matched data : 3 / Number of edible data : 1 / Number of medicinal data : 2
Species NamePurposeReference
Daucus carota
edibleH. V. Kuhnlein, B. Erasmus, D. Spigelski, Indigenous peoples' food system, (2009) ISBN978-92-5-106071-93
U. P. Hedrick, Sturtevants Edible Plants of the World, (1919), The Southwest School of Botanical Medicine
Daucus carota
Medicinal Plants of the World by Ivan A.Ross,Vol.3,ISBN 978-1-58829-129-5.
Daucus carota var.sativa
medicinalIndian Medicinal Plants by C.P.Khare,ISBN 978-0-387-70637-5